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I posted our story here January 22, when my child is caught in Tenerife, I showed him the story and liked it a lot, they said they could do it again, damn it,yes! I called Lucas, who met in Tenerife about 30 miles away life, that was good for him, he turned to ourplace the next night, we talked a bit and my daughter came up with an idea, spare room, we have a small gym, they wanted everyone to work and go see where he goes, he went to dress, followed 5 keandra minutes after us, put a white thong bikini and looked fantastic, shes lying in the tan hair, blond, blue eyes, 38b breasts very firm and a narrow waist 8, she told us to go in a bathing suit and join her, stood up and saw him on tape and we both had hard ons, the front keandra of our tribes was a great gift ! put in the bank and then said that it does, I knelt between her legs and lit my tongue over her bikini and came through moisture, put on your face and Lucaskissed his huge cock through his bag, keandra he pulled down and his cock jumped and she could not wait to get my mouth, I pulled her bikini, on the one hand and rammed my keandra tongue into her, she moaned and cried joy, white time every time, it was running well, his body shook and she screamed like crazy, then I switched places with Luke, I slid my cock into her mouth and pulled her bikini born on one side and rammed his cock in which, spit roast with force, she was crying with joy, run over and over again until it could not keandra last, Luke shot his load it up and went out and sprayed her womb, in this i cum in her mouth and all his face was a picture God, who asked us not stop, so pulled her bikini and walked over to them by immersion pussy and gave it a good clean out, Lucas sucked and kissed her breasts then worked face and kissed it, which had just cum, is the best in the world, Lucas wants to come to his house next door, have your friend to connect toime God for my little girl has become the bitch right and I love them even more for
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